Tom Ferguson, MD, has some words on EZ-Quit

Artificial Cigarette

We highlight in this blog article something that was featured in our old website. A book written in 1989, which has some interesting insights on EZ-Quit.


Nationally known writer/lecturer, author of best seller book The No Nag, No Guilt, Do It Your Own Way Guide To Quitting Smoking, states, (Chapter 10) “The smokers in our survey give E-Z Quit the highest rating of any non-prescription quit-smoking aid.”

10 Tools and Tips to Help You Quit

He also notes: “Feel like a cigarette? Puff away on an E-Z Quit instead. No smoke, no ashes, no nicotine, and—best of all—no damaging health effects. The E-Z Quit can be use either while cutting down or after quitting.”

E-Z Quit has been evaluated in laboratory tests and is currently used in smoking cessation programs at the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Brentwood, California.

–Tom Ferguson, M.D., Center for Self Care Studies 3805 Stevenson Ave., Austin, Texas 78703