Smoking Triggers

You weren't born with a desire to smoke. You probably didn't like your first cigarette. But bit by bit, with an occasional puff at a party, or at stressful times at work, you learned to smoke. And that's how you'll have to learn to quit.

Smoking is triggered by certain times, places and situations. Even if you have no trouble giving up nicotine, you may find these constant reminders to smoke overwhelming. You may react by eating. (But quitters who do gain weight only gain ten pounds on average. Weigh that against the health risks of smoking!) By keeping your hands and mouth busy, E-Z Quit helps you stay away from snacks.

If you can avoid trigger situations for the first few months, you'll make quitting easier for yourself. Move the telephone to a place where you can't sit, talk and smoke at the same time. Meet friends at events where you'll be too busy to smoke. Instead of a cigarette break at work, walk around the office or the block.

When you can't avoid trigger situations, carry and use E-Z QUIT. You can use it at a party, at work, in the car—anywhere you're most tempted to light up—even in designated non-smoking areas!

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Smoking Triggers
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