The E-Z Quit Inventor's Story

"You're killing your wife," charged Dr. Jerome K. Schaffer of Encino, California, as William Haber, the shocked husband listened in disbelief. Bernice Haber was suffering from bronchial asthma.

Her husband smoked heavily. He started "snitching butts" when he was 12 years old.

"The tobacco smoke you fill the house with is going to kill her," warned the doctor. "The smoke on your clothes, your hair, your body is all poison to her."

The idea of "secondhand smoke" affecting nonsmokers was a fairly new concept when Dr. Schaffer confronted Haber.

A consummate inventor with many patents to his credit, Haber struggled with his smoking problem and found a solution.

He invented and patented his own private cigarette. Whenever he craved a smoke, he reached for his own fake cigarette. He called it E-Z Quit.

It looked like a cigarette, felt like one and tasted like one too. Every time he held it in his mouth and "inhaled" he had the feeling that he was smoking. But there was no smoke, no nicotine, just the "feeling" that he was smoking.

"This invention has proven to be a remarkable tool to help people get over the hurdle in their effort to quit smoking," said Dr. Schaffer, who had given Haber his warning.

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E-Z Quit Inventor's story
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